Concepts (Tools) For Effective Operations Management




9.00 Hours.




About the Course:

An effective operations management is often a result of making sure that the basic concepts are well adopted to the company and not simply copied. What under lies the need to have a good practice within a manufacturing operation and what is the propose of a tool which is being used makes all the difference. Secondly there should be enough clarity of understanding what are the basic tools that must be developed to make operations management effective. All companies that succeed or become better at operations seem to using the same basic concepts but have adopted them to their environment and hence it is their application which meets their particular needs while keeping the concepts unaltered. Operations management is what helps company make money and if we have to make money we have to be better at operations management. The purpose of operations management is to make the and sell a product as quickly as possible and all tools that help in such an endeavor make operations effective.

Note: This 9 hours course can be completed in 3 months.

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