Overview of Industry 4.0




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Overview of Industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 can be defined as the integration of intelligent digital technologies into manufacturing and industrial processes. It encompasses a set of technologies that include industrial IoT networks, AI, Big Data, robotics, and automation. Industry 4.0 allows for smart manufacturing and the creation of intelligent factories. It aims to enhance productivity, efficiency, and flexibility while enabling more intelligent decision-making and customization in manufacturing and supply chain operations.

And any definition of Industry 4.0 would also have to include its origin from the term Fourth Industrial Revolution. Since the 1800s, we have experienced three industrial revolutions. They were called “revolutions” because the innovation that drove them didn’t just slightly improve productivity and efficiency – it completely revolutionized how goods were produced and how work was done. We are now in the Fourth Industrial Revolution, aka Industry 4.0.

The course aims to give a brief overview of the Industrial Movement, its technologies, and solutions and highlight the benefits of adhering to the movement.

Course Eligibility: MSMEs, Government and Regulatory Body Personnel, Corporate Personnel, and aspirants within the field of Business Administration.

  • MBAs / engineering graduates
  • Diploma holders having experience in the manufacturing or service sector
  • Shop floor workers of a manufacturing organization
  • Industrial workers from a manufacturing organization
  • Entrepreneurs

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