Manufacturing Competitiveness




20.00 Hours.




About the Course:

This course is about reducing the complexity in managing a Manufacturing Organization. It will help to sift through a huge pile of management ideas and pick those necessary to improve the company performance as measured by its financial statements.

What you will learn:

To systematically identify the area where to focus and then use suitable techniques to cause improvements that directly show in bottom-line of a company. This course will teach you how to answer the question “What to do” . In this course you will learn the essential principles of managing operations and how company policies driven by cost saving initiatives lead to measurements which discourage us from taking the correct decision.

  • Manufacturing : Concept & Purpose
  • Evolution of Principles of Flow
  • Understanding Cost World & Throughput World
  • Improving Profits by Identifying Leverage Point
  • Manufacturing Operations Tools
  • Supply Chain : Concept & Purpose
  • Making Outsourcing Decision

This course is useful for:

  • Higher & Middle Management of companies
  • Final year engineering students
  • MBA students
  • Owners of  MSMEs 

Note: This 20 hours course can be completed in 3 months.

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