Total Productive Maintenance(TPM)




7.00 Hours.




About Course:

This course aims at introducing Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) at the beginner’s level where we will talk about the History and evolution of TPM differentiating it from Total Quality Management.We will discuss about different Productive Maintenance (PM) Systems used for the Maintenance Activities in the organizations with Examples and the Success Stories and also about the Difficulties in implementing TPM.Thus, the participants will be able to appreciate that the TPM is a corporate culture that not only prevents losses, but effectively involve everyone from top management to workers to actively participate in small groups and how it acts as the key to maximize company-wide productivity.

What you will learn:

  • The participants will learn about the TPM as a distinct approach to conventional maintenance practices which optimizes equipment effectiveness by eliminating breakdowns in any organization

  • How the TPM has revolutionized the maintenance as it does not involve the orthodox maintenance policy but inculcate a cultural shift in the organization.

  • The participants will be able to appreciate the basic objective of TPM which seeks to create a sense of joint responsibility between supervision, operators and maintenance workers in order to keep the machines and equipment’s working smoothly and to broaden and optimize their overall performance, so that they can generate the remarkable results.

  • The participants will also gain knowledge of about the famous 8 Pillars of TPM, their benefits and implementation in a given organization taking help of some short case studies.

  • The common features of the workplace with poor TPM practices and about different types of TPM losses, their causes and about the steps involved in effective implementation of TPM and the barriers which are there in the process of implementation of TPM.

  • They will discover the use of autonomous maintenance as a strategic tool in maintenance wherein the operator performs day-to-day activities pertaining to his area of work by himself and how the Autonomous maintenance facilitates cultural change.

  • They will understand as to how TPM optimizes the availability of process machinery, greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and provides the means to improve product quality, productivity and profitability of manufacturing and production plants and thus, how it has become one of the most popular maintenance strategies to ensure machine reliability.

  • They will also discover different TPM Education Methods and about the Tools Management System and how to measure the goals and effectiveness of TPM using the Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) ratio.

Certification Benefits:

After completing this course the participants will be able to appreciate the basic concepts of TPM and requirements of implementation of TPM in an organization. However, in order to implement it in an organization the participants will have to do the advance level courses in TPM.

Note: This 7 hours course ca be completed in 3 months.


This course is for:

  • MBAs / engineering graduates
  • Diploma holders having experience in manufacturing or service sector
  • Shop floor workers of a manufacturing organization
  • Industrial workers from manufacturing organisation
  • Entrepreneurs


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