Evolution of principles of flow




8.00 Hours.




1                    Subtopic : Taichii Ohno & his system

The core of Taichii Ohno system has a purpose which has lead to the development of many tools which help achieve the purpose. The assumptions and restrictions that his system has which lead the great application of the flow concept. Focus on core assumptions of his System.

2                    Subtopic : Henry Ford & assembly line

 The approach of increasing flow and the assumptions of Henry Fords environment that lead to the final creation of the assembly line . How a few of his tools and approach supported him in his aim to improve productivity to levels still unseen even today. 

3                    Subtopic : Toyota production system or lean manufacturing 

The assumptions of TPS or Lean and limits under which the systems can work. Lean being the great English version of the Japanese systems has a necessary condition to be met before we can apply it . However using a few tools of lean does not amount to implementing lean.      

4                    Subtopic : The Principles of flow

The principles of flow are the universal concept that can be applied to any manufacturing organisation . Understanding these principles allows us to increase throughput of an organisation and also clearly understand why Ford’s and Ohno’s systems were successful and similar in concept but the application of this flow concept in two different environment lead to creation of two great manufacturing systems.

This course is for:

  • MBAs / engineering graduates
  • Diploma holders having experience in manufacturing or service sector
  • Shop floor workers of a manufacturing organization
  • Industrial workers from manufacturing organisation
  • Entrepreneurs

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