Blockchain : Tools & Techniques




21.00 Hours.




About the Course:

The course introduces multiple Blockchain Protocols, Frameworks, Tools, Use Cases and imparts the decentralized mindset in due course. It is designed and delivered by industry pioneers who have built successful businesses and products around Blockchain.The course will be delivered in Blended Mode - online and face-to-face learning.

Beginner Module: 

Beginner Module takes on the Basics of Blockchain, the mathematics behind it, explains cryptography, it’s relevance and importance in the blockchain.  It introduces Public as well as Private Blockchain Protocols, differences and use cases. It discusses Bitcoin, Ethereum, Multichain, Hyperledger, Quorum. Also gives an industry perspective by explaining products and protocols built on these like Augur, Cryptrokitties, Steemit etc.It dives deeper into the ECDSA type cryptography, which is used in initial Blockchain Frameworks. Multiple other DLT is also discussed, like DAG, Hashgraph.

Intermediate Module:

The module starts with Digital Assets, their uses, creation, Private Blockchains, Consortiums, etc. It explains the private blockchain and gets hands-on with Hyperledger Fabric, and its deployment. It dives deep into different Consensus Algorithms, Problems in current blockchain and discuss them, majorly scaling which is a major problem in Blockchains today and use cases on blockchain from an enterprise perspective.

Advanced Module:

Advanced module majorly focuses on Ethereum, one of the most important blockchain protocols, it’s definitions, architecture, and programming on the blockchain. Gives a deep understanding of Solidity, a programming language on the Ethereum blockchain and teaches to deploy your own blockchain. Then goes into DApp and its development gives hands on experience in building two DApps, voting and pet shop. Explains tools like truffle, ganache, remix, metamask, drizzle etc. Private Ethereum is also explained and hands-on programming a deployment is discussed.

Note: This 21 hours course can be completed in 3 months.

Type of examination: It will be a computer based examination which will include multiple choice questions (MCQ). The said questions will be from the topics covered in the course.