Introduction to 5S & Kaizen

Learn how to improve the level of productivity within your organisation with help from 5S and Kaizen. You will discover how these two Japanese prescriptions emerged as essential building blocks of the management practices at the global level.

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Introduction to 5S & Kaizen


About the Course:

In this course we are introducing the two important concepts of Quality Methodology, namely the 5S & Kaizen which are being presented in two separate parts.

In the first part we will discuss the famous 5S concept which is also very useful for ensuring Zero Defects, Zero Breakdowns and Zero Accidents and consequently ensuring Safety in the organization.

A dirty workplace cannot produce quality products. A chaotic workplace with mess around everywhere is bound to produce poor quality products.

This course is about 5S which is a Japanese system to reduce costs, control inventory and reduce breakdowns and accidents drastically resulting in increased profits. It is the starting point for any company who wants to make improvements at the workplace by reducing waste and create better environment for its employees to work in. 

5S is a procedure that organizes individual workstations or departments and consequently enhances efficiency at the micro-level by keeping the workplace neat, orderly and accessible and it is for this reason that it is considered as the foundation of quality initiative in any organization.

In the second part, we will talk about Kaizen, a very important Japanese concept involving everyone in the organization in journey of Quality Improvement, starting from the shop floor worker to the top management personnel.

This is an introductory course on the concepts and philosophy of a popular Japanese technique, known as Kaizen introduced by Masaaki Imai of Japan who defined it as a means of continuing improvement in personal life, home life, social life, and working life and termed it as the Key to Japan’s Competitive Success’. 

Kaizen at the workplace means continuing improvement involving everyone, the managers and workers alike. The Kaizen business strategy involves everyone in an organization working together to make improvements without large capital investments.

In order to be successful an organisation has to excel in continually improving its Quality Assurance System to meet and exceed its customer requirements and also in continually improving its delivery and the cost management system to provide its customers the product or service at a favourable price while securing reasonable profits for the company.

What you will learn:

After doing this course the participants will learn:

5S was invented in Japan, and stands for the five (5) Japanese words that start with the letter ‘S’: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke to ensure Zero Defects, Zero Accidents and Zero Breakdowns at the work place. 

After doing this course the participants will learn about the “5S” acronym in English usage, that is Sort, Systematic Arrangement in place, Shine, Standardize, and Self-discipline and will learn about the 5S approach, its intent and how it works at the work place. 

They will also gain knowledge about the concept of red tagging which literally means putting red tags on items which need to be evaluated and on items of other abnormality and how the items with red tag need to be questioned and how to take countermeasures. 

They will also be exposed as to how the unwanted items at the work place are to be removed and disposed off. The course will also give them an idea as to how to create the visuals of the target and keep record of how it was before and how it looked after the actions.

After doing this course the participants will learn the basic concepts and associated aspects of Kaizen and also about various related myths to this concept. They will also gain knowledge about the factors which may need improvement in the organization, the tools like 5 Ws and 1 H, Why-Why Analysis which are of great use in applying Kaizen and about the suggestion system and its benefits in the course of implementation of Kaizen in the organization.

Certification Benefits :

After completing this course the participants will be able to :

1) Appreciate the basic concepts and associated benefits and also about the tools required for implementation of 5S in an organization to ensure Zero Defects, Zero Accidents and Zero Breakdowns assuring Safety at work place.

2) Appreciate the basic concepts and associated factors of Kaizen and its related benefits and also about the tools required for implementation of Kaizen in an organization.

3) Ensure safety and quality in the workplace.

4) Create a structured programme to improve quality