About the Course:

ISO has developed risk management standards which will help organizations implement risk management processes for mitigating risks while advancing their goals and opportunities in the face of business threats. Organizations are now required to implement risk management processes to be compliant to regulations and able to become competitive by using risk management tools 

This training will explore the latest ISO 31000 general risk management standard, the process model it recommends and how organizations may use the standard and its companion risk assessment tools document ISO 31010:2019. It will review the terms, concepts and requirements so that we can better understand the proper implementation of risk management processes. 

Learning objectives:  

Day 1 

10:00 hrs. - 14:00 hrs. 

  1. The principles, framework and process model of ISO 31000:2018 
  2. The requirements of ISO 31000:2018 
  3. Monitoring risk and continuous process improvement 
  4. Application of ISO 31000:2018  

Day 2  

10:00 hrs. - 14:00 hrs. 

      5. The risk management tools recommended in ISO 31010:2019 

      6.Use of risk assessment tools in ISO 31000 process 

      7.Quiz and test of understanding 

Course Duration :  10:00 hrs. to 14:00 hrs. (each day)  

Who will benefit ? 

  1. Process owners 
  2. Operations managers and engineers 
  3. Project management team members 
  4. Quality, Safety, Environment managers and their team members 
  5. Regulatory managers 
  6. Managers responsible for risk policies 

What’s included :

  • Learning materials
  • Certificate of participation

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