How it works


  1. Our eLearning courses will be delivered in two stages:a. Stage I- Participation Certificate (Online Mode)
    b. Stage II- Professional Certificate (Classroom-based/offline)
  2. All the courses are designed to be completed within a stipulated time frame as indicated in the Course label. All these courses will be taught
    online in a self-learning mode during the Stage I. The learners can take the courses at their own place, pace and device of their choice.
  3. All the courses are split into modules of around 30 minutes each. The courses will be delivered using a combination of video lectures with help from interactive info-graphics and eBooks which are not downloadable.
  4. In each course, there is an assessment to assess the learning. In Stage I, learners will get the Participation Certificate after the completion of the courses. The Participation Certificate will be system generated.
  5. Learners who complete the online course and score more than 60 percent as an overall grade in Stage I, they will become eligible to enroll in Stage II.
  6. In the Stage –II, the grades acquired in all the assessment will be averaged out for an overall percentage calculation. Please refer to the Certification Policy
    for more details.
  7. The syllabus will be based on what learners studied in Stage I.
  8. The Stage II will be a classroom-based at the QCI designated centres. In the Stage-II, the Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from QCI will elaborate the concepts in various sessions/ lectures and dispel the doubts of learners if any. The lectures will be followed by an assessment. After this stage, learners will become eligible for a Professional Certificate from QCI.