HACCP Importance Of Reviewing Risk Assessment During Pandemic

HACCP requires identification of hazards, assessing the risk & establishing the control measures. Any changes in the process, people, ingredient or any pandemic or outbreak requires review of the risk assessment & include the new risks evolved due to outbreaks & include the control measures. These new normal processes/controls for prevention of spread of pandemic need to be incorporated in the pre-requisite programs. The risk associated with the practices, people & materials needs to be assessed & incorporated to integrate the control measures.

Program Objectives: To understand the significance of HACCP and risk assessment in light of the pandemic.

Key take-aways:

  • What are the aspects of risk assessment.
  • What is the impact of pandemic on risk assessment methods. Incorporation of new normal processes as control measures.
  • Review & update the food safety risk assessment & comply to legal requirements

Who can Participate

Food professionals, Quality-Production staff, Consultants, Food Safety team members, Senior & middle management, etc.

Pooja Shukla, Assistant Director, NBQP (9892231909)
Abhishek Singh, Junior Associate, NBQP (9999515320)

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