An Overview on Safer Foods for Better Business


Capsule Course


0.30 Hours.




Safer Food for Better Business

It is a universally acknowledged fact that Food is the key to sustaining human life on Earth, and as such, it is integral for our continued existence. To ensure that quality is maintained throughout the areas of food production and supply chain, and that safe, quality food is imported and exported all over the world without any restrictions, it is imperative that developers across the entire food supply chain adopt the culture of “food safety”, and that governments take the responsibility of ensuring the health and safety of citizens by ensuring that safer foods are put on the tables of every home, and better and secure food business culture is maintained. 

Through this module you will be able to learn about: 

  1. Food Safety: The Driver for Human and Economic Development
  2. Food Safety and Agribusiness Development
  3. Safer Food for Sustainable and Resilient Businesses
  4. The National Quality Infrastructure
  5. National Food Control Model
  6. Food Safety Culture
  7. Food Safety Approach
  8. The Three Pillars of Safer Foods for Better Business
  9. Tools for Safer Foods
  10. Cross Cutting Issues.


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