NABH Digital Health Foundation Course




3.50 Hours.




NABH Digital Health Foundation Course (NABH – DHFC)

NABH DHFC – Overview

The NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) Digital Health Foundation Course (DHFC), developed in collaboration with the Koita Foundation, is an innovative initiative aimed at enhancing healthcare standards and practices across India.

The course aims to elevate the quality, efficiency, and patient-centricity of healthcare services nationwide. This comprehensive program is designed to equip healthcare providers with the necessary skills and knowledge regarding digital health technologies and initiatives.

Key aspects of the NABH DHFC include

·       Comprehensive Training: The course covers various digital health technologies and best practices, ensuring that healthcare providers are well-versed in the latest advancements in the field.

·       Alignment with NABH Standards: The curriculum is designed to align with the NABHs 1st edition digital health standards, helping hospitals achieve compliance and maintain high-quality care.

·       Skill Development: Participants will gain practical skills and knowledge that can be directly applied to their work environments, enhancing their ability to deliver patient-centric care.

·       Nationwide Impact: By providing standardized training across the country, the DHFC aims to elevate the overall healthcare landscape in India.

NABH DHFC Curriculum

1.     Module 1. Introduction to NABH

2.     Module 2. What is Digital Health

3.     Module 3. Introduction to HMIS & EMR

4.     Module 4. Healthcare data interoperability

5.     Module 5. Introduction to ABDM

6.     Module 6. Emerging trends in Digital Health

7.     Module 7. Overview of NABH Digital Health Standard

NABH DHFC other details

1.     Course duration – 3.50 hrs

2.     Access the course through eQuest -                     Fees – INR 500/- for course completion certificate