Introduction to Negotiation Skills


Capsule Course


0.30 Hours.




Introduction to Negotiation Skills

The course on Negotiation Skills examines the aforementioned art through three steps:
    1. Planning for Negotiation.
    2. Using Key Negotiation Tactics for Success
    3. Creating a Contract.
All of these tools will help one learn through common situations based in business and in life.

Through this module you will be able to learn about:

  1. Examples of Negotiation in our Life
  2. What is Negotiation
  3. Definition of Negotiation
  4. Why Negotiation is Important?
  5. Types of Negotiations
  6. Stages of Negotiation
  7. Do’s and Don’ts of Good Negotiation
  8. What If The Negotiation Fails?

This module can be availed by: Students, Managers, CEOs, HR, other head officials of the organisations and other working professionals

Certificate: A Certificate of Awareness shall be issued upon the completion of this capsule course.

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