Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology


Capsule Course


0.30 Hours.




Introduction to Industrial Biotechnology

The module will cover the key enabling technologies that underpin biotechnology research including enzyme discovery and engineering, systems and synthetic biology and biochemical and process engineering. It will focus on wider issues involved in sustainable manufacturing including responsible research innovation and bioethics.

Through this module you will be able to learn about:

  1. Industrial Biotechnology
  2. Industrial Biotechnology (IB)- The Driving Force of Sustainable Development
  3. Bio-process Development
  4. Bio-catalyst and Industrial Processes
  5. Tools of Industrial Biotechnology
  6. Products of Industrial Biotechnology

This module can be availed by: Students, Managers, CEOs, HR, other head officials of the organisations and other working professionals

Certificate: A Certificate of Awareness shall be issued upon the completion of this capsule course.

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