Fundamentals of Preventing Workplace Harassment (PoSH)


Capsule Course


0.30 Hours.




Fundamentals of Preventing Workplace Harassment Training (PoSH)

A “Preventing Workplace Sexual Harassment” training Course for employees helps identify the different forms of harassment, what is considered legal and illegal by state, and how to be an upstander when misconduct is happening in the workplace.

Through this module you will be able to learn about: 

  1. Introduction to PoSH Act
  2. Why Do We Need PoSH Training?
  3. What Do You Mean by Sexual Harassment?
  4. Types of Sexual Harassment?
  5. Categories of Sexual Harassment?
  6. Examples of Sexual Harassment
  7. Impact of Sexual Harassment
  8. What is ICC (Internal Complaints Committee)
  9. Procedures of Complaint, Redressal, Inquiry and Appeal 

This module can be availed by: Students, Managers, CEOs, HR, other head officials of the organisations and other working professionals

 Certificate: A Certificate of Awareness shall be issued upon the completion of this capsule course.

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