Carbon Footprint of Municipal Solid Waste

Webinar on Carbon Footprint of Municipal Solid Waste

 Proposed dates: 17th March 2023 ( Friday)

Time: 2.30 pm to 4.30 pm 

What will you learn: 

It will provide an overview and knowledge about the emissions generated by waste management activities such as transportation, treatment, and disposal.

  • Contributors for Carbon Footprint
  • Tools and Strategies to calculate & reduce carbon footprint
  • Embracing Circular economy approach for net zero
  • Modern waste management technologies

Target audience: 

  • Industry/Environment Professionals
  • Entrepreneurs/ Start-ups
  • Waste Management Facility Managers
  • Government Officials/Corporates
  • Hotels and Restaurant Managers
  • Research Students

Registration Fee: Rs 425+GST

Registration Link: 

Contact at: Assistant Advisor, TCB | +91-9773500376