An Overview on ICMED Scheme- Tools for Ushering Quality in Medical Device Industry


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ICMED Scheme- Tools for Ushering Quality in Medical Device Industry

The use of medical devices in the field of healthcare has become an integral part in many a treatment carried out by healthcare experts today. As such, these devices can bring the gift of life and normalcy to the patients, but in the case of any error, it can have fatal consequences as well. The need of the hour, then, is to ensure that a standard of quality is maintained throughout the production of such medical devices, and to ensure that overall citizen safety and patient satisfaction is achieved. Through the Quality Council of India’s scheme on ICMED and ICMED plus certification, developed in conjunction with the medical devices industry, the process and production of quality medical devices shall be ensured to create healthy and happy citizens the world over.

 Through this module, you will be able to learn about: 

  1. Medical Devices- Integral to Healthcare Delivery
  2. What are Medical Devices?
  3. Quality of Medical Devices
  4. Quality Medical Devices for Quality Healthcare Delivery
  5. Inadequate Regulation of Medical Devices
  6. Understand Quality in Medical Devices Through Major Instances of Medical Devices Failures
  7. Obligation to Ensure Quality of Medical Devices
  8. Growing Market of Medical Devices
  9. ICMED Scheme as a Solution. 

This course may be availed by: Healthcare providers, doctors, professionals working in the medical devices industries, Students etc. 

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