Practical Course & Guidelines On Uncertainty Of Measurement

Practical Course & Guideline on Uncertainty of Measurement

Duration – 15-days training

In this program the basics of statistics associated with UoM calculations are explained in an easy and practical way to those who are not exposed to it. The program explains not only how to do calculation but also covers why to do it in a manner prescribed in GUM document. It explains tricky question viz why repeatability standard deviation is divided by √n? What exactly is the physical meaning (practical day to day example) of Rectangular, Triangular and U- shaped distribution?, basis of choosing  a particular distribution for a particular factor? and How divisor 2√3, 2√6, 2√2 came from?, the concept and meaning of Degree of Freedom in practical sense?, how & why to apply corrected k value in case of sample (from students t table)?, How the whole calculation of UoM can be carried out in MS excel spreadsheet in a very simplified way? etc.

Methodology –

  • The course materials are sent to each participants through email.
  • Participants are to study and work out the exercises given with the chapters. They can study any materials, discuss among themselves and submit back the exercises. The participants shall be given suitable examples and simple practical situation-based questions and calculations to be performed in prescribed excel sheets.
  • All exercises to be performed individually.

Learning Outcomes –

After successful completion of the course, you will be having the knowledge on concept of Uncertainty of Measurement and skill to estimate the Uncertainty.

What’s included?

  • Learning materials
  • Certificate of participation.

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