The Effective Consultant

About the Course :

Consultancy is not a pure science nor an art and this leaves it for a wide variety of interpretations. This course is about making sure that one crosses the basic threshold of consultancy , if their choice is to be come a consultant. Having only an a set tools will not suffice. Knowing the  boundary conditions of the solution and making sure all the necessary and sufficient conditions are mapped for the solution requires a structured approach and answering questions that a consultant must answer to himself or herself first.  Then systematically present the analysis so a client is able to see the direction of the solution and accept the solution even before implementing it.

This course is about making you a consultant and giving you a set of tools and process the practise of which will make you a good consultant. In other words this is what a good consultancy should deliver.

Who Should attend:

  • Working professional who have experience in a particular domain
  • MBA students who want to choose consultancy as a profession
  • Middle & high level executives who often implement new ideas
  • Practising consultants who want to improve their effectiveness.

Course Content : 

A. Choose to become a Consultant
     a. What does a client expect from a Consultant?
     b. Types of consultants
     c. Boundary of a consultant’s work

B. Clarify the maturity of your knowledge
    a. From Data to Wisdom
    b. Three Stages of Development of any science

C. Absolutely essential questions a consultant should be capable of answering
    a. What to change ?
    b. What to change to ?
    c. How to cause the change ?

D. Understanding the customer is the key
    a. The Current reality Tree
    b. Causality is the logic not co-relation
    c. Understand the measurements that are driving behaviour

E. Distil the problem statement
    a. How to Think systematically
    b. Clearly verbalising causality
    c. Writing a problem statement

F. Making an offer they can' refuse
   a. Understanding the layers of Resistance
   b. How to make sure that you are in sync with your client?
   c. 4x4 sales process

 What’s included:

  • Learning materials
  • Certificate of participation

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