Measurement of Uncertainty in Microbiological Testing

Measurement of Uncertainty in Microbiological Testing 

This training course is focused on measurement uncertainty related to microbiological analysis as per ISO 19036:2019 ‘Microbiology of the food chain- Estimation of Measurement of Uncertainty for Quantitative Determinations’

 The MU is used to express the lack of accuracy that can be associated with the results of an analysis. In the context of microbiology, it indicates the degree of confidence that can be placed on estimates of microbial numbers in foods or other materials.


The course material covers the following points:

  • Concept of measurement of uncertainty for microbiological quantitative determinations
  • Components of measurement uncertainty
  • Methodology of estimation of uncertainty
  • Decision rule and statements of conformity
  • Interpretation of Measurement Uncertainty
  • Questions & Answers and summing-up 

Target Learners: 

This course is focused on the laboratory personnel involved in testing and quality assurance and assessors associated with the Accreditation Body, especially;

  • Directors/Laboratory Managers, Scientists, Auditors, assessors and consultants, Microbiologist, and Food analysts.
  • Personnel of accredited laboratories or under application for accreditation of laboratories that plan to be accredited against ISO/IEC 17025:2017 with a facility for microbiological analysis.
  • Personnel responsible for technical or quality management of testing laboratories. 

Structure of the Course:

The online training with PowerPoint presentation, exercises for brainstorming & calculation, and a better understanding of ISO 19036:2019 for estimation of measurement uncertainty in microbiological testing. 

Learning Outcomes:

Understand the need for measurement uncertainty

Understanding of international practices

Understanding and calculation of microbiology measurements.

Understanding of expression of measurement of uncertainty 

What’s included?

Learning material

Certificate of participation (Certificate shall be issued as a ‘Soft Copy’ from our Training Portal. This certificate can be verified anytime from our website by entering its unique ID number.

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