Organizational Values, Ethics & Office/Work Place Etiquettes

Brief About the Workshop:

Corporate value and ethic define long term success of any organization.  Organization is represented by it board member, Key managerial official and employees . The organization value and ethic thus need to be ingrained in the organization personnel. Further to achieve success of any organization ,Communication skill and personal brand of organization board member, Key managerial official and employees plays a very important  role. This workshop bring all of them together so as to enable organization and its personnel to grow and sustain building brand driven by Value and Ethic and communicated and represented by it employee. It target on emphasising need for organizational personnel to understand what, how and why of organization value, Ethics and also providing them guide of effective communicaition skills and building of employee personal brand in process. The workshop thus cover aspects of Value, Ethic,  communication and business conduct and ettiquete aspects.

Objective & Key Takeaways:

To help participants understand the values and work ethics of their organization through various activities, and enable them to align personal values and work ethics with the  organization’s values, for self-development and organizational growth.To provide key inputs for all-round personality development to meet the challenges of corporate world and build strong business value, ethics , communication and personal brand .

Key takeaway:

  • Significance of values.
  • The what, why and how of organizational values.
  • Belief and philosophies that drive culture
  • What if personal & organizational values are in conflict.
  • Leadership & organizational values, Vision and mIssion.
  • Origin of Business ethics .
  • Significance of work ethics.
  • Role of corporate governance and ethics.
  • Building the personal brand , social etiquette, introductions.
  • Communication skill email, project  meeting, virtual meeting ,communication within team
  • Effective dealing with clients.
  • Some tips on effective Presentation skills and Public speaking (Practice Round)

Who can Participate:

  • College student sitting for placement or have got campus placement
  • Employees at entry to mid level of profession/ Job
  • Young professional who have set up business including startups

What’s included:

  • Learning materials
  • Certificate of participation

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