Measurement & Analysis - a Necessary Infrastructure for MSMEs

Objectives of Training:

Measurement and Analysis of various performance parameters of the Manufacturing process yields intelligence for informed decision making. Such an important aspect needs adequate leadership support, skills, necessary process management and resources. This training program will detail out these aspects for MSMEs as well as provide necessary skills to implement Measurement and Analysis effectively.

At the end of the training, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand theory of Measurement and Analysis in detail
  • Understand Measurement and Analysis Process
  • Understand Challenges of Measurement system in Manufacturing Process
  • Understand resources needed to implement Measurement and Analysis
  • Learn how to identify and define Measures and Metrics
  • Learn important skills of Data Collection, Storage and Retrieval
  • Understand Analysis Techniques and their usage in Manufacturing Process
  • Learn how to develop Measurement based reports for the Management

Prerequisites for attending this training: The participant should have working knowledge of manufacturing industry. He/she should be aware of the at least a standalone computer (PC or a Laptop).

Duration: 1  Full day (8 hours)

Training Contents:

  1. Introduction to Measurement and Analysis
  2. Ideal State Challenge
  3. Why Measure?
  4. Measurement and Analysis Concepts
  5. Measurement and Analysis Process Management for MSMEs
  6. How to define Measures and Metrics
  7. Challenges in Measurement and Analysis
  8. Basic Statistics, Analytical Tools and their application in Manufacturing process
  9. How to develop Management Reports
  10. Measurement and Analysis planning and implementation
  11. Program monitoring and control

Certificate: At the end of the program, the participants will be awarded “Certificate of Participation”.

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