Quality 4.0 : Future of Quality and Performance Excellence ( Quality in the age of Industry 4.0)

Program Title : Quality 4.0 : Future of Quality and Performance Excellence ( Quality in the age of Industry 4.0)

Brief About the Program: 

Covid-19 and Industry 4.0 has given us an unique opportunity to look into the future of Quality of our product, process and services These future needs can be met with relevant Quality 4.0  Strategies and tools ( within the context of Industry 4.0). These Tools are playing a  very unprecedented and vital role in reshaping the future of quality and excellence. These tools are also helpful in digitisation and able to meet challenges emerged with disruptive and exponential technologies.

Objective & Key Takeaways : 

Program Objective: To  bring awareness amongst participants, brain-storm, identify and plan to implement  proven strategies and  best practices in the area of Quality 4.0. This workshop is focussing on Q4.0 Principles,Q4.0 Tools and Best Practices. 

Key Take Away : 

  • Learn & Understand the Q4.0 Tools like 
  • AI, Big Data, Analytics, Virtual Reality, Mixed Reality, Emerging Technologies like Sensors, Actuators, Cobots, 3DP etc.
  • Q4.0 Resources
  • Sharing Best Practices and Case Studies.
  • Understand the concept  Quality 4.0


Sameer Kumar

•       Alumnus DCE Delhi & IIM Ahmedabad
•       Govt of India appointed National Jury of Rashtriya Vishwkarma Purskar (2015-2018)
•       Scout to Innovators with President Award
•       Author, TEDx Speaker & Quiz Master
•       ZED Master Trainer
•       Member of QCI (QCI Professional Membership Scheme)

Sameer Kumar is an expert trainer who has 27+ years of experience in technologies, spreadsheet, problem solving and automation training.

Innovators Scouted by him has won President of India Award by Hon. President Sh. Ramnath Kovind in March 2019.
Sameer a TEDx Speaker, ZED Master Trainer and innovator with special enthusiasm to technologies.

He has worked with best organizations like General Motors, Honda Scooters, JCB, Cummins, Tata Motors, Hero Motors, Force Motors and USHA Shriram Group.

Sameer is alumnus of IIM Ahmedabad and DCE Delhi. He is QR Code and technology expert and had delivered talk at IIM Indore, IIT Delhi, MNIT Jaipur, QCI, CII, QCFI  and many other premium institutes.

He has experience working as an innovator, author, speaker, leader and facilitator. He has conducted more than 1000+ webinars to a diversity of audiences. Sameer has worked with hundreds of different corporations and institutions as well as colleges and universities.

Who can Participate

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Plant Heads, Corporate personnel driving strategies & people, Project Managers, Consultants & Quality Professionals, People in Manufacturing and Service Industry, Operational Excellence/Business Excellence Leaders


Pooja Shukla, Assistant Director, NBQP (9892231909

Abhishek Singh, Junior Associate, NBQP (9999515320)

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