Building a Culture towards Operational Excellence

Program Title:  Building a Culture towards Operational Excellence

Program Objective: Few MNCs especially in IT & Auto sector have attained success through continuous improvement and have always adapted themselves to the future. Focussing on problems will not make an organization adaptive, focussing on CULTURE towards improvement make the organizations adaptive. We can build or modify the culture we want habit-by-habit by practising in different ways. To change the culture, we need to change the behaviour and for a change in the behaviour, we need to change our routines.

The objective of this training program is to help the organizations to change the Paradigm-mindset of their employees to move towards Operational Excellence and creative ideas.

Course Content       

•           Meaning of Culture with examples,

•           Developing Organizational culture, Reason for excellence?

•           Approaches to improvements,

•           understanding the wastes -3 Mus,

•           Practising Continuous improvement culture,

•           Paradigms to change, Resistance to change,

•           Perquisites for change to occur,

•           Process of Change with lots of examples from industries and exercises to understand the concepts of Lean.

Program Faculty:      Mr. S V Subramaniam

He is a Senior Counsellor TQM and Corporate Trainer with 50 years of experience including 15 years of operational excellence. Specialized in plant transformation by implementing 5S and visual management in Cement, Construction, Chemical, Pharma, Food Processing, Oil, Nonwoven Industries. He has been successful in implementing process improvements through Lean management to reduce waste and improve operational efficiency and in implementing & improving QMS, Quality circles, Kaizen Circles and more.

Who can Participate:            Workmen, staff, engineers, managers and Senior/ Top management staff in all industries who wish to change themselves and to bring change in their organizations to move towards operational excellence.

Mr. Prasoon Misra, Assistant Director, NBQP (7571908641)

Ms. Kokila Gaur, Sr. Executive Assistant, NBQP (9654170686)

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