2 days Internal Auditor training on AS9100 Rev D

Brief About the Program

Quality, reliability and safety are critical values for the aviation, space and defence industry.

 AS 9100 helps the organisation to enhance customer satisfaction, meet regulatory, safety and reliability requirements, and ensure consistency of quality throughout the supply chain.

This program is meant to create an awareness on the requirements of ASD industry specific Quality Management Systems requirements


This will help the MSME sector to understand the Aviation, Space and Defence Industry specific Quality System Requirements made by the industry, and also its support the MakeinIndia Defence / Atmanirbhar Bharat Program and they collaborate and compete  with international players.Take away:By participating in this online training, participants will be able to:

 ·         Understand the Aerospace Quality

 ·         Introduction about AS 9100 series of standards

 ·         Explain how the additional requirements can be interpreted and implemented

 Who can Participate :

 Aviation, Space and Defence Industries and their suppliers, sub suppliers.

 System, Subsystem and component designers, manufacturers.

 Process Owners and Process executers form

1. Top Management

2. Business Development

3. Engineering / Program Management

4. Purchasing

5. Production

6. QA / QC


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