Clean is Green: Powering an Alternative Future

Program Title: Clean is Green:  Powering an Alternative Future

Brief About the Program:           Increasing emissions of Green House Gases (GHG) due to human activities worldwide have led to a substantial increase in atmospheric GHG concentrations. As global electricity demand increases, governments are designing and implementing policies to scale up and catalyse renewable energy, with alternative energy technologies a critical component of this expanded deployment. There are however several factors apart from electricity and heat production that Global GHG emissions can be attributed to - agriculture, forestry, manufacturing , transportation buildings & other energies ; making an imperative case for embracing carbon management sustainably.

Objective & Key Takeaways:    
The financial return on renewable investment doesn't tell the whole story in this age of increasing air pollution, climate change, and decreasing fossil fuels. Astute Carbon management holds the key to mitigating the impacts of Climate change across the probable concentration pathways.

Course Content:

The webinar demystifies the Science of Climate Change and explains various approaches to Carbon Management and reducing our global footprint.

The session outlines the Global context and the Indian case for renewables for a cleaner, safer, and sustainable Environment for a Greener Tomorrow.

Program Faculty:  

R Shankar ,   a Chemical Engineer, BITS Pilani & MBA, University of Indianapolis with over 36 years of experience in implementing cultural transformations in the SHE, Quality, Sustainability and Business Excellence space in diverse industries.

Who can Participate:
• CEOs, CXOs, Company Secretaries, Corporate Finance, Commercial, Legal, & Communications Heads of functions

• Corporate Heads in all sectors, Industrialists and Business owners

• Engineers, Technicians and Managers in Production, Engineering and Maintenance in the manufacturing, R&D and construction industry.

• Business Excellence Managers and Quality, Safety, Health, Environment & Sustainability Systems professionals

• Engineers, Technicians and Managers working in Production, Quality, Engineering and Maintenance, Safety & Sustainability in the manufacturing industry.

• Business Excellence Managers and ESG professionals,

• Internal Auditors and Trainers

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