Demand Driven Material Requirements Planning

Brief About the Program :

Supply chains in India have evolved by assembling together many tools which actually require big efforts for a synchronous and smooth operations. Tools like MRP are push planning systems and do not fit well within the Lean tools leaving a lot of adjustments or in other words a lot of management intervention to get things done.
Demand Driven MRP is probably the only innovation done in decades to make MRP work in pull systems. It removes the shortcomings of standard MRP and MRP II, and allows the tools like inventory management to integrate extremely well within the software domain.

Traditional MRPs were designed for supply side constraints and focused on making sure that we didn’t have stock outs. However, the major reason for poor company performance is excess inventory. DDMRP dovetails into inventory management because it uses the inventory consumption values to design the buffer and dynamically give signals for increase or decrease in inventory levels based on consumption. This allows operations to develop software that can easily integrate and work together while developing actionable insights.

When flow increases, the inventory decreases within the system and this has a direct impact on Return on Investment (ROI). There is no doubt that ROI is the best measure of overall company performance. DDMRP works to reduce the overall lead time to satisfy the demand, by strategically decoupling long lead time items, leading to a much lesser inventory & also reducing stock outs. This has a double impact on profit by making sure that there are no stock outs and much reduced lead time to supply gives a distinct advantage on pricing.

Objective & Key Takeaways :

Program Objectives: To help participants understand the significance of Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP) for effective inventory management and profitability

 Key take-awys:

  • Understand the importance of Demand Driven Material Requirement Planning (DDMRP) in profitability
  • Understand the key causes of inventory build-up
  • Learn tools for efficient Material Requirement Planning and dynamic inventory levels
  • Learn how to convert existing ERP to handle DDMRP

Who can Participate:

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, Plant/Productions Heads,Managers, Corporate personnel driving strategies & people, Consultants, Professional in procurement/purchase function, People in Manufacturing sector, Supply chain etc.

What's included?

  • Certificate of participation.
  • Learning materials

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