Awareness Program on NABL Accreditation




2.50 Hours.




About the Course:

In the current global scenario an essential pre-requisite of trade is that any product or service accepted formally in one economy must also be free to circulate in other economies without extensive re-testing. WTO recognizes that non acceptance of test results and measurement data is a Technical Barrier to Trade. Accreditation is considered as the first essential step for facilitating mutual acceptance of test results and measurement data. This course aims at developing a good understanding about accreditation including its benefits and to explain the preparations required by a CAB (Conformity Assessment Body) to seek NABL accreditation. Further, we will discuss the complete accreditation process followed by NABL for granting accreditation to CAB’s which will bring out awareness on NABL accreditation services and a good understanding of NABL requirements to all stakeholders from government, regulators, industry, conformity assessment bodies, consumers etc.

What you will learn:

In this course, you will learn about the following components:

  • Accreditation and its benefits with difference between accreditation & certification
  • Preparations required by a CAB before applying for NABL accreditation
  • How to obtain accreditation i.e. Accreditation process followed by NABL for granting accreditation
  • Actions to be taken by CAB during the entire accreditation process along with the time frame for taking actions

Certification Benefits:

After completing this course, the participants will be able to appreciate the basic concept of accreditation and get awareness about the pre-requisites required for their CAB before applying for NABL accreditation. Further, the participants will also come to know the accreditation process followed by NABL once the application of a CAB has received at NABL secretariat.

Eligibility Criteria:

The essential educational requirements for the participants for this course will be:

  • Preferably Graduate in Science/ Diploma in Engineering
  • Any person who is involved in the accreditation of CAB’s to understand the process
  • Any Person from CAB’s wishes to seek NABL accreditation for its CAB to understand the requirements before applying for NABL accreditatio

Note: This 2 hours 30 mintues course can be completed in 3 months.