Total Productive Maintenance(TPM)


Learn how the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is maximizing company wide productivity which adds business value to the organisation.



About the Course:

In this e-learning course, we are introducing the Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) at the beginner’s level. The participants will be exposed to the TPM as a corporate culture. It effectively involves everyone from the top management to the workers which add business value to the organisation. This entire exercise plays a crucial role in maximizing productivity in the organisation. It’ll shed light on the historical evolution of the TPM.

The participants will learn about the TPM as a distinct approach to conventional maintenance practices. It optimizes equipment effectiveness by eliminating breakdowns in any organization. With help from relevant case studies, the participants will also gain knowledge of the Eight Pillars of the TPM and its benefits after implementation in an organization. It’s evident that different Productive Maintenance (PM) Systems used for the maintenance activities in the organizations with appropriate examples and several success stories and challenges in implementing the TPM.

They will learn about the common features of the workplace with poor TPM practices and about different types of TPM losses, their causes and effective implementation of TPM.

In the following modules, they will discover the use of autonomous maintenance as a strategic tool in maintenance and how the TPM optimizes the availability of process machinery greatly reduces the cost of maintenance and provides the means to improve product quality, productivity, and profitability of manufacturing and production plants. It’ll be beneficial for management graduates, engineering graduates; ITI certificates holders, entrepreneurs and industrial workers.

You’ll learn:
History and evolution of TPM
Difference between TQM and TPM
How the TPM has revolutionised the maintenance at the organisational level
Inculcate TPM as a corporate culture for maximisation of productivity
Challenges in implementing TPM

This course is for:
MBAs or engineering graduates or diploma holders (manufacturing and service sector)
ITI certificate holders
Industrial workers with experience on the shop floor of a manufacturing organisation

Certification Benefits:
Participants will be able to appreciate the basic concepts of TPM.
Participants will have to do the advanced level courses in TPM for implementation