Medication Management(MM)

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Learn all steps of medication management process including audit, reporting and management of medication errors.

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About the Course:
Managing medications for patients is a very complex process in today’s healthcare delivery system despite it being the most important aspect of patient care. The reasons are related to many dimensions like availability of thousands of drugs in the market, myriads of combinations of drugs, over-prescribing by doctors, non-standardized and confusing prescription formats, illegible handwriting, incompetency of pharmacists and nurses, stressful working conditions , complicated systems of medication management within the hospital, confusing names and labeling of drugs by the manufacturers etc. leading to increased probability of medication errors of various nature (some so serious that it can result in fatality or permanent harm to patients).

This course has been designed in 12 modules dealing with all steps of medication management process including its audit and reporting and management of medication errors. Modules are also dedicated to Standard Treatment Guidelines, Antibiotic Stewardship Program and Hospital Drug formulary.

  • Inventory Management, Procuring and Storing
  • Medication Management Process- Prescription, Indenting and Dispensing
  • Medication Administration
  • High Alert Medications, LASA Drugs, Narcotics, Cytotoxic & Radioactive
  • Introduction of Medication Error
  • Prevention of Medication Errors
  • Reporting, Investigation & Management of Medication Error
  • Adverse Drug Reaction
  • Standard Treatment Guidelines (STGs)
  • Hospital Drug Formulary
  • Auditing Medication Management Process
  • Rational Use of Antimicrobials

This course is for:

  • Nursing Staff (NNM, BSc with relevant experience)
  • Technical / paramedical staff with relevant hospital experience
  • MBA/Diploma/Certificate course in Healthcare Administration/Management
  • Doctors (including MBBS, Dentists, and AYUSH etc.)
  • Diploma in OT Technology

Certification Benefit:

Learners will enhance their knowledge regarding medication management, and understand newer trends in this field. This course has been designed to help the learner in taking active participation in evaluating the gap and redesigning medication management processes in their workplace. It also will help the learner to understand identification and reporting of actual and potential medication errors and its management.


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