Introduction to 5S & Kaizen

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Learn how to improve the level of productivity within your organisation with help from 5S and Kaizen. You will discover how these two Japanese prescriptions emerged as essential building blocks of the management practices at the global level.



About the Course:

This course will begin with an overview on 5S and Kaizen. After successful implementation in Japan, several organisations across the globe embraced 5S and Kaizen as quality management approaches in their business strategy. In the first part of this e-learning course, we’ll discuss Kaizen – a Japanese derivation which means continuous improvement. Kaizen involves everyone -from the shop floor worker to the top management- in the organization for quality improvement. This is an introductory course on the concepts and philosophy of Kaizen which was introduced by Masaaki Imai, Japan. Kaizen means continuing improvement involving everyone from managers to workers at the workplace. The Kaizen business strategy involves everyone in an organization working together to make improvements without large capital investments.

In the second part, we’ll shed light on 5S another well-known Japanese concept for business practices. This concept is useful for ensuring Zero Defects, Zero Breakdowns and Zero Accidents and consequently ensuring Safety in the organization. According to its prescription, a dirty workplace cannot produce quality products. A chaotic workplace with the mess around everywhere is bound to produce poor quality products. 5S is a way to reduce costs, control inventory and reduce breakdowns and accidents drastically resulting in increased profits. It is the starting point for any company who wants to make improvements at the workplace by reducing waste and create a better environment for its employees to work in.

This course is for:
MBAs or engineering graduates or diploma holders (manufacturing and service sector)
ITI certificate holders
Industrial workers with experience on the shop floor of a manufacturing organisation

Certification Benefits: · Appreciate the basic concepts and associated benefits of 5S and Kaizen in an organization · Ensures safety and quality in the workplace


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