Clinical Audit (CA)

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Learn good practices in designing clinical audits and manage the review of clinical audit findings. Help clinicians to formulate measures of quality based on evidence of good practice


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About the Course:

Clinical audit is an important tool for quality improvement, especially in the healthcare system. Unfortunately, it is a much-misunderstood process which deals with quality issues. Many times, people get confused it with research. They label it as “fault” finding tool. In this backdrop, the course will take you through the entire clinical audit process and dispel any doubts that you may have.

Clinical audit is a quality improvement process which is intended to improve the patient care. It follows a concrete procedure to reach the conclusion. Further, it underlines the importance of evidence-based medicine within a healthcare setting. In the last couple of years, evidence-based medicine has emerged an instrument to deal with critical health issues.

Initially, hospitals from the developed countries inculcated this practice in their operations. With growing demand for quality health services, clinical audit crept in the leading hospitals from the developing world. Though, a huge number of hospitals are yet to adopt it in the developing world. Actually, it’s related to an institutional mechanism which requires more funds, more employees, and comprehensive hospital governance.

The course is organized into 9 modules which shed light on all important aspects of the clinical audit in the healthcare settings.

  • An Introduction to Clinical Audit
  • The Process and Stages of Clinical Audit and its Analogues
  • Stage One (Part 1) – Preparing for audit
  • Stage One (Part 2) – Selection of Topic
  • Stage Two – Clinical Pathways and Their Benefits and Involving Users
  • Stage three (Part 1) – Measuring level of performance (Sampling)
  • Stage three (Part 2) – Measuring level of performance (data collection, analysis, comparing and displaying)
  • Stage four – Making improvements
  • Stage five: Sustaining improvement

You’ll be able to learn:  

Ø  Clinical audit process and select the right topic for audit.

Ø  Use evidence of good clinical practice/evidence-based medicine in designing clinical audits.

Ø  Help clinicians to formulate measures of quality based on evidence of good practice

Ø  Understand the use of statistics for analysing and presenting findings of data collection and thus help clinicians to analyse causes of problems that are affecting the quality of care.

Ø  Help clinicians manage the review of clinical audit findings with their colleagues and are able to prepare clinical audit reports.

This course is for:

  • Surgeons
  • Obstetricians and Gynaecologists
  • Anaesthetists
  • Microbiologists
  • Infection Perfectionists
  • Administrators
  • Physicians
  • Nurses
  • Pharmacists
  • OT/CSSD Technicians
  • Quality Managers

Certification Benefits:

Ø  Provide objective evidence of having acquired skills in clinical audit.

Ø  Plan, conduct and analyse clinical audits in your organisation.


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