How it works

1. The program will be delivered in two stages :
a. Stage I- Participation Certificate via the current Online Program.
b. Stage II- Professional Certificate via Proctored Examination and a
Physical Workshop wherever required.

2. All the courses are designed to be completed within a fixed time frame as
indicated in the Course label .All these time bound courses will be taught
online in a self-learning mode. The students can take the courses at their
own place, pace and device of their choice.
3. All the courses are split into modules of 30 minutes each. The courses will
be delivered using a combination of E-lectures, Video lectures and info
4. After every 3 modules, students will undergo an Inline quiz .Additionally,
there will be a Mid-term exam after the completion of 50% of the modules
and a final exam after completion of all the modules.
5. The grades acquired in all the above assessment will be averaged out for
an overall percentage calculation. Please refer to the Certification Policy
for more details.
6. Students who complete the online course and score more than 75% as an
overall grade in Stage I, will become eligible for the Stage II Certification.
7. Stage II will consist of a Proctored Online exam and a Physical Workshop
(wherever necessary) at QCI approved centres and after passing the
exam, students will become eligible for a professional Certificate.