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Related to the support for eQuest Courses or eQuest Learning Management Platform, relating to eligibility, duration, process, login issues, online payment, payment error etc., please contact the Student Service Desk at




Instruction to fill the Online Registration Form

  1. If you are a first time applicant, you are advised to click the available programme tab on the homepage of the Online Admission System and select the desired programme and carefully read the details of programme including eligibility criteria, fee details, duration, etc.
  2. You are also requested to read carefully the Admission Rules and Service Term and Conditions at the bottom of the home page.
    1. Click on the button for registering.
    2. Remember, while choosing your User Name, it must be in between 8 to 16 characters.
    3. While choosing your password it must be alphanumeric and between 8 to 16 character long.
    4. After filling the mandatory information, click the “SUBMIT” button.
    5. Your username will be instantly sent to you via e-mail and SMS.
  3. Remember your Username and Password for subsequent login.
  4. If you have already registered, i.e. you are an existing user, click the “LOGIN” button.
  5. Fee can be paid by following methods:
    • Credit Card (Master/Visa)
    • Debit Card (Master/Visa/Rupay)
    • Net Banking
    • ATM Card(Any bank )


eQuest: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


What is Quality Council of India (QCI)?
Quality Council of India (QCI) is an autonomous body of the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP), Government of India. QCI has been created jointly by Indian industry represented by Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) and Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM).


What are the main objectives of the QCI?
The main objectives of QCI are:
– to establish and operate national accreditation structure
– to monitor and administer the National Quality Campaign in India.


What is eQuest?
eQuest is an online platform run by Quality Council of India(QCI). It provides e-learning courses in the domain of Quality and Skill Development Training.


How do I get in touch with eQuest?
You can mail us at: talktous@equest.co.in


How to apply for an e-learning course at eQuest?

If you are an applicant, please visit our homepage. Click on the all ‘View All’. Then select the desired programme. Please read the given details carefully about the programme, eligibility criteria, fee structure, time span of course, etc.
1: Click on ‘Pay Now’ or ‘Start Course’ button to register for the course.
2: Pick your Username and Password. Both must be between 8 to 16 characters.
3: Password must be alphanumeric.
4: After filling the mandatory information click the “SUBMIT” button.
5: Your username will be sent to you via e-mail and SMS.
6: Once your payment transaction is completed, you will be re-routed back to the eQuest confirmation page.
7: You will also receive a confirmation email with your name, order number and the payment amount.
8: You should keep this email for your records.


How do I access all courses?
You have to register with eQuest. You should press the programme tab on our homepage or visit all courses page. Then you should select the desired programme where the introductory module is free.


Do I have to complete all information in each of the sections?
Yes. All fields marked with an asterisk (*).  Required information and must be completed for each section. Then you can register your account.


Where can I find more information about the programme?

Each programme or course has its details on its page. Please visit respective page of the programme by selecting your course from All Courses section.


What is the mode of payment?
There are various modes of payment. These are:

  • Credit cards (Master/Visa)
  • Debit Cards (Master/Visa/ Rupay)
  • Net Banking


What’s payment process?
For all programmes, the payment process is done by an eQuest’s third party vendor (payment gateway). Learner will be re-routed to a secure website to complete the payment transaction.


How do these courses work?
The courses will be delivered in two stages:
Stage I:
 Participation certificate via the current online Programme.
Stage II: Professional certificate via proctored examination and a physical workshop wherever required.


Who can apply for the programme?
Each course has separate criteria.


Where are the programmes held?
All programmes are going to run at our e-learning platform. All applications must be submitted online using eQuest platform. Offline paper applications or email-based applications will not be accepted.


How one can proceed?
All the courses are designed to be completed within a stipulated time frame as indicated in each course detail. All these time bound courses will be taught online in a self-paced learning mode. Learners can participate from anywhere, anytime and any device.


What’s breakup of the modules?

  • Courses are split into modules of 30 minutes each.
  • Courses will be delivered using a combination of e-lectures, video lectures, and info graphics.
  • After every 4 modules, participants will undergo an Inline quiz.
  • A mid-term exam after the completion of 50 per cent of the modules
  • It’ll be followed by the Term-end Exam after completion of all the modules
  • The grades acquired in all the above assessment will be averaged out for an overall percentage calculation
  • Participants who score more than 4 Stars as an overall grade in Stage I, they will become eligible for the Stage II Certification.

Please visit the certification policy for more details. http://www.equest.co.in/admission_policy/

Stage II Certification

  • Stage II will consist of a Proctored Online exam and a Physical Workshop (wherever necessary) at QCI approved
  • After passing the exam, students will become eligible for a professional certificate.


What types of courses you offer?
We offer multiple courses on a wide range of categories. These are Skill Training Courses, Quality Training Courses, and Management Training Courses.


How much do they cost?
The cost varies from one course to another. Please go to each course to find out the cost.


Do you provide a soft copy for all modules?
Yes. We provide course books in the PDF form which are prepared by our subject experts.


Will I receive a certificate after completion?


Important Points for the certification:

  • After completion of each Inline Quiz, the learner can access the next set of modules
  • At least 45 minutes is required for each module to access the next module
  • Learner needs to score an average of 4 Star or more for the Professional Certification Exam.


Do you have any course for free?
No. All courses are paid. For more details, please visit our site.


What browsers are compatible with eQuest e-learning system?
eQuest learning system is optimised for Firefox, Google Crome, and Internet Explorer.


Can I enroll for more than one course at the same time?
You may register for multiple courses at our platform but you should meet the minimum requirement(s) for each course.


What if I am unable to attend the programme I applied for?
There is a provision to complete the programme within 3 to 4 months.


I have forgotten my password what I should do?
If you have forgotten your password, click on the given link: http://equest.co.in/troubleshoot/student/


Can I get a refund if I change my mind after registration?
No.  Programme fee will be not refunded under any circumstances. It can’t be adjustable against any other programme of eQUEST.


What’s eQuest’s certification policy?
We have two steps of the certification process where you’ll get two certificates after successful completion.  First is the Participation Certificate and the second one is the Professional Certificate. Please, visit certification policy page for more details.


How I’ll enter in the 2nd stage?
You have to get 4 Star or more than 75 percent score in the participation certificate. Learners who achieve 4 stars in their final score, they will be allowed to register for the Stage II. Please, refer to certification policy for more details.


What are the types of exam?
1: Inline Quiz:
 Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs)
2: Midterm Exam: MCQ Questions, Image based Quiz and 2 small Case Studies
3: End term Exam: MCQ Questions, Image based Quiz and 1 Case Study


How many attempts can you give to a learner for the certification?
1: Inline Quiz:
 Three attempts
2: Midterm Exam:
 Only one attempt
3: End term Exam:
 Only one attempt


What is the duration of exams?
1: Inline Quiz:
 30 Minutes
2: Midterm Exam:
45 Minutes for Exam and 30 Minutes for Case Studies
3: End term Exam:
 60 Minutes for Exam and 30 Minutes for Case Studies


What is the syllabus in the 2nd Stage Professional Certificate?
The syllabus of the examination will be based on an advanced stage of the 1st standard. And separate charges will be applicable at this stage.


What are eQuest Terms & Conditions?
If you are going to register with eQuest, you must follow the terms and conditions for programmes. These are:
Terms of Service
eQuest Honour Code
eQuest Admission and Certification Policy
All concerned laws(International, National and State level)
For detail, you can visit the following link: http://equest.co.in/termsandservices/


What’s eQuest Honour Code?

Honour Code is a set of ethical principles which governs an academic community. By using our eQUEST Services, you agree to be bound by eQuest Honour Code. These are:

  • You will maintain only one account with the eQuest.
  • You will complete all exams without any external support.
  • You will not submit your work for or to any other person.
  • You will not engage in any activity that will dishonestly improve the result or hurt the results of the others.
  • You will not post answers to the problems that are being used to assess the other learners
  • You will respect all the Copyrights NORMS


If you have any query regarding the privacy issues, you can contact us at: talktous@equest.co.in


How can one verify the eQuest certificate?
We have developed a robust and convenient way to verify a certificate assigned by e-QUEST. After entering certificate ID, you can verify your certificate here: http://equest.co.in/verify/certificate/