Modular Programme For Health And Safety Issues In Schools

This course is designed in such a way that all members of the school get information and understanding of the various health and safety issues in schools and prevent from mis-happenings in the school environment.

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Today Safety issues in schools have become a topic of main concern as recent incident regarding lapse in safety was reported in a school which has made the safety of students a most important issue that can’t be ignored.It is a fact that children spend maximum hours in school or on school property, a sense of security therefore is indispensable to bring out the hidden potential of each child to allow them to grow.

A school is a place where teaching learning process should take place in such an environment which is not only healthy but also safe. No task in school is as important as safe learning environment. Therefore there must be immediate and speedy response to any kind of actual or perceived harm or abuse to children.

All members of the school community should be familiar with the issues which arise in schools in relation to Health and Safety. This online course covers, in a general way, various health and safety regulations. It covers various topics like:
• Major safety concerns in school
• Proper training of teachers for preventing any mis-happenings
• Quick effective management techniques
• Action plan for staff and students
• Safety in labs and features of good classroom
• Management of accidents in school environment
• Counseling of students in relation to age related issues

Upon completion of this course you will understand:
• The various safety concerns which need to be looked into like infrastructure, transport management, fire safety, canteen management, arrangement of classrooms etc.
• Help schools to use various approaches while accessing and managing various risks in schools.
• Prepare, review and revise emergency plans.
• Give guidelines regarding appointing competent person to advise and assist the management in securing the safety, welfare and health of all members of the school community.
• Will know how to create an accident report and will be able to plan in the event of an emergency or accident.
• Will be able to create an effective safety statement.

Pursue a Verified Certificate to highlight the knowledge and skills you gain.

• Plugs the various loopholes in relation to various safety issues in schools<br> • Improves staff awareness on safety<br> • Reduces accidents and incident rates by reducing and eliminating school environment hazards<br> • Increases productivity of members of school as they are more focused on their work<br> • Improves collaboration, information flow and communication among members of school community<br> • Better reputation of schools<br>

The course is very useful for:
School management, principal, managers, teachers, other staff and students working in school environment.

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Other details
   Duration: 4 weeks
   Effort: 3 - 6 Hours per week
   *Stage I Fee: Rs.500/- (Inclusive of Tax)
   Level: Intermediate
   Languages: English
   Interaction Mode: Animation Video , Lectures

* Participation Certificate will Awarded by eQUEST 
* Please read the certification policy for more details 

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